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Art Therapy / Life Coach Services


“Together we can explore experiences and feelings that emerge from art making in a safe and therapeutic way.”

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Welcome to Courageous Art Therapy. My name is Nina Tara and I am a qualified Art Psychotherapist (M.A) Graduate from Hertfordshire University.

What is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses visual art media as its primary mode of communication. Through art-making, people can explore feelings that are at times confusing and difficult to communicate verbally. Clients of all ages may benefit from Art Therapy, which is suitable for a wide range of issues and clients do not have to have previous experience or expertise of art. It is suitable for emotional or mental health problems, life limiting conditions, learning or physical disabilities, brain injury or neurological conditions and physical illness. (


Who can Art Therapy help?

Art therapy can help with a variety of issues for both adults and children. It can be beneficial for anyone impacted by -

• Trauma, Emotional and behavioral difficulties

• Struggling with life events such as bereavement; end of life; changes in family structure

• Bullying or abuse

• Children exposed to domestic violence

• Impacted by Dementia

• Displacement to Refugee status

• Physical disability or illness

• Learning difficulties or physical illnesses

• Lack of confidence in social situations, communication and speech difficulties

• Autism spectrum disorders

Why use Art?

• Art has been long know to have therapeutic properties. When creating visual images, people 'draw on' the right side of their brains - the same side that is used before spoken language develops. It is where visual memories are stored.

• Using art materials to make images may help to relieve difficult or painful feelings and can help increase general well-being.

• Sometimes it can be difficult to talk directly about difficulties and feelings so communicating through another medium may be easier or more appropriate. Especially if English is not your first language or speech is impaired.

• Sometimes words alone don't seem to be enough but, images and words together may be able to convey what one wants to say. (

For Further information on prices or to book a taster or 1 hour session for yourself or your child please feel free to
contact me on

I look forward to hearing from you ....

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