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Corporate Wellness


To access your FREE consultation please contact me here.
I look forward to working with your organisation and your team members..

“People start to heal

the moment they

feel heard"'

~ Cheryl Richardson

We are currently being impacted by our environment and many social and mental health issues.

What can I offer to you?

As an Art Psychotherapist I consider listen as my superpower! Using this skill and insights of your organization I would love to create well-being services to aid you to nurture a thriving work culture that enables personal and professional development, improves employee performance and helps to reduce absenteeism, stress offers a platform for creative solutions.

Providing a free initial consultation to gather insights about your organization
and explore ways to collaborate to help your team members to flourish.


Developing well-being programmes that can assist team members to create
improved mental health and well-being that increases motivation and connection.

I organize inspirational, immersive one-off events for organizations that
energise staff and reduce stress and encourage team building.

For Further information on prices or to book a free consultation, please contact me on

I look forward to hearing from you ....

The last of my #processnotesmonday. Next
The last of my #processnotesmonday. Next
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