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Online Therapy Sessions

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To access your FREE 15 minute consultation please contact me here.
I look forward to working with you.

In a move to make Art Therapy/Counselling sessions more accessible during difficult times where travel is not possible I am now providing Art Therapy/Counselling sessions online.


The sessions are confidential. However, we cannot guarantee 100% security as we have limited control over your actions or the actions of 3rd parties. In using a company such as Zoom, we cannot control data absolutely nor guarantee total security. We would proceed to work with you on the basis that you have understood and accepted the risks and are happy to enter a therapy relationship on that basis. We would ask you to give your agreement to working on this basis by signing the consent form.

The link below provides you with more information with regard to Zoom and security:


Booking and Times

Please drop me an email so we can confidentially discuss your needs and I can answer your enquiries and send you contracts. Don't worry this doesn't take long at all and then we can begin your sessions. I provide sessions via Zoom, no need to download on your computer.  I will email you a meeting code and password before the session. Should you not receive the code please email or text me and I will re-send the information. Once you have the code launch Zoom. At the agreed meeting time press Join and enter the waiting room. The meeting will then begin with audio and video link. However should you wish to download the app to your phone you can find more information here. Just ensure you choose a room that is private for the online art therapy/counselling to take place in, away from distractions and interruptions so you can get the most out of the session and to adhere to confidentiality guidelines. Using headphones aids confidentiality. Use Wifi that is secure (password protected).

With art therapy we will use visual art as the primary mode of communcation. Through art-making we can explore feelings that are often at times confusing and difficult to articulate verbally. The session will last an hour.


Don't worry too much about not having an extensive range of materials. We can work with what ever you have to hand or if you just want to talk through any difficulties you may be experiencing we can do that too. When possible we can arrange for a package of materials to be sent to you. However, with the current situation around COVID-19 we will be complying with Gov guidelines and it will not be possible to do this.

For Further information on prices or to book your free 15 minute for yourself or your child please feel free to
contact me on . (Please note for sessions with children consent from Children and Young Person and their parent/guardian must be sought to do online therapy and include The technical requirements to allow the session to take place without interruption.

I look forward to hearing from you .... stay safe and look after each other.

The last of my #processnotesmonday. Next
The last of my #processnotesmonday. Next
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