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Her work with some of our more vulnerable students has worked well to date.  Nina is able to create a suitable atmosphere and environment for students and this then helps them to open up and tackle some of the challenges and issues that they face - all facilitated by Nina’s skills as a therapist. 

I have experienced Nina’s ability to treat students sensitively and with respect.  Her awareness of the necessary safeguarding elements of her work have been made clear to me on a number of occasions.

Woodford County High School - IS sendco

Nina has made a huge impact on the lives of the young people she has supported, especially those with trauma, anxiety and self-harm. Not only has she supported the young people to recognise, come to terms with, and work through their difficulties, but also gone above and beyond to work with other professionals around the young people. Nina has offered both extended 50 mins sessions and drop in to offer strategies and support to our pupils. She has also offered supervision with the team of mentors and emotional support staff within the school who all felt they really benefited from this. As a school Nina has taught us so much and made a noticeable change in the lives of the young people she works with. We highly recommend her.




Nina is a brilliant arts therapist. Her work with music and visual arts in our sessions have transformed my relation to my memories and to my embodied creative practice. Her focus on aesthetics as a way into the embodied mind was deeply resonant with my own desire to break out of the mind/body dualisms so important to European thought since Descartes. Rather, her therapeutic explorations of the arts brings aesthetics back, as philosopher Graham Harman notes, as first philosophy: aesthetics is a discourse and practice of the body; aesthetics is both psychological therapy and live practice; aesthetics is the place of many powers and many resistances. Nina’s nuanced, sensitive, and transformative arts therapy practice allows for the multiplicities of aesthetics to flourish and find their own powers in very difficult and painful moments of self-reflection.

Thank you Nina!


AR - Adult client

Doing art therapy with Nina has been one of the most insightful experiences of my life; she has helped to hold up a mirror to different parts of myself with grace, kindness and empathy. Unlike talking therapies which begin with sharing more surface-level thoughts and digging deeper, Nina has been particularly effective at using art therapy to help me to explore more deeply held thoughts and feelings with curiosity and compassion rather than judgement. As my inner critic has dominated for several years, Nina helps me to recognise it and where it comes from while challenging it gently, and in so doing she has allowed me to realise that, contrary to what my past trauma tells me, it is both possible and right for me to have a healthier and kinder relationship with myself and others. When I first started art therapy with Nina, I was unsure about what my ‘art’ would reveal and a little worried about the quality of it as I’m not an artist myself. Once I started sessions with Nina, she helped me to learn quickly that it was more about the process of exploring my internal world through art rather than focusing on the quality or outcome. She has given me a space in which I can express myself safely and where I can be met with validation and genuine compassion. She always checks in with me during our sessions to ensure that I am feeling comfortable and that we aren’t digging too deeply into painful memories related to my grief and trauma while still giving them space to be processed. As our sessions continue, I find my eyes are opened to new parts of myself, as well as to the feeling of being understood by another person. The progress that I have made (and will hopefully continue to make) in managing my mental health and healing is a testament to Nina's talent and dedication to her craft as an art therapist.  I am deeply grateful to Nina for helping me to start recognising my own resilience, for giving me hope for the future in dark times and for guiding me along this journey of healing so graciously.

Thank you Nina!


AR - Adult client


I attended two of Nina’s online workshops that centered around paper and fabric collage. Nina connected the participants and held the space for creativity and reflection. Both workshops were inspiring and meaningful. Thank you so much for such a

creative weekend


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