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Join me in this unique 2 hour workshop to explore mindfully around any anxieties and stresses as we slow down and let our inner wisdom guide us. We allow our thoughts to flow freely onto the page in a stream of unconscious words and connecting with our with our art making to create a visual dialogue, to help us navigate any complexities, difficulties, issues, stresses and anxieties we may be facing in the current climate.


Together we take time to noticing any tensions in our bodies and meditate our way to slow down, without judgment or thought, offering ourselves some self care with an experience that will nourish your soul.
This workshop is something that we can do together, from afar, for ourselves and each other …. to hold ourselves and our communities together.


For details and to Book your tickets click here.

Sat October 10 | 11am-1pm GMT | Online

UNLEASH Your Spirit ~ Journaling
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